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Custom Product and System Examples
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Sometimes the best solution is a custom solution. That's what some of our past customers decided, and Airtech was there to deliver. Take a moment to review some of these custom blower and pump systems.




3BA Regenerative Blower with Magnetic Drive, Hermetically Sealed for Dangerous and
Poisonous Gases

The client needed a hermetically sealed blower for maximum protection. In addition, they wanted a magnetic drive to enhance leak tightness between the motor and pump housing. This pump featured inlet and outlet flanges sealed with O-rings. It also included some VFD drive options.





Explosion Proof 3BA Regenerative Blower –
Nickel Plated for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Electro-less nickel plating was used to create a corrosion resistant blower. Airtech could have also used Teflon. This product also featured high temperature bearings,and an explosion proof motor. To facilitate sterilization, the entire blower was designed for Washdown Duty and Clean in Place (CiP).





3BA Regenerative Blower for Sub-slab
Vapor Extraction

  • Combustible gas sensors (methane, ammonia, etc.)
  • Radon extraction capable
  • O-rings for gas-tight connection
  • Explosion-proof motor design
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Custom filtration and valving
  • Continuous or intermittent service



Customized Portable Compressed
Air/Dryer or Vacuum System

A New York City engineering firm approached Airtech to design a portable/mobile vacuum and compressed air system for point of use applications. The idea was to eliminate the Air and Vacuum Systems in the basement that would need to be piped through-out the building. These particular portable units were earmarked for High School Laboratories where 3 or 4 students require vacuum and/or compressed air. The cart mounted systems are ‘plug and play’ (115V/60/1) complete with receiver, controls, dryer and service fixtures to attach tubing.





Partial Recirculating Liquid Ring
Vacuum System for Bio-Diesel Distillation

  • Explosion Proof NEMA 7 controls
  • Condenser with condensate receiver
  • Plate and frame heat exchanger
  • 75 HP Liquid Ring Pump
  • Specialized instrumentation and controls





Custom Duplex Blower System

This blower offers vacuum or pressure configurations. A PC based control center simplifies operation.This system featured mechanical seals. Special coatings available include electro-less nickel and Teflon. The magnetic drives were selected to enhance leak tightness between the motor and pump housing. Specialized instrumentation, an explosion proof motor, and high temperature bearings round out the features.








Does your project demand
a custom solution?

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