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Fuel Cell Blowers & Natural Gas Boosters for the Energy Industry

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Airtech: Solutions For Energy Production

Airtech products are used in a variety of processes that generate fuel and electrical energy in efficient, innovative ways:

Fuel Cell Blowers

The blower is a major component in a fuel cell system. They are used to move gases through the system. The selection of this blower is critical as it draws power from the fuel cell. A high-efficiency blower is required for low parasitic load on the system.

Turbine Gland Exhauster

Vacuum is applied to remove the steam from the shaft sealing area of the steam turbine. This prevents backflow to the turbine which can reduce the turbine’s efficiency. It also eliminates the possibility of the steam migrating into the seal oil of the turbine.

Natural Gas Booster

A regenerative natural gas booster pump can be used to boost low pressure natural gas to a burner. These natural gas pressure pumps are great for the energy industry.


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