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Vacuum Pumps & Compressors for Environmental Applications

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Airtech: Environmental Applications

Airtech pumps, blowers, and systems can be used in various applications including remediation of  contaminated areas, environmentally-friendly manufacturing, and green energy sources. Here are some specific examples:

Biogas Production Compressors

A thorough mixing of the sludge increases the gas yield and reduces its retention time in the reactor. In the process the gas is withdrawn from the upper part of the digestion tower, compressed in the compressor and reintroduced through the nozzles at the bottom.

Soil Vapor extraction Vacuums

A method to remove hydrocarbons and volatile organic compounds from soil. Vacuum is applied to extract these vapors to reclaim the soil. Typical equipment used includes regenerative blowers, claw vacuum pumps, and liquid ring vacuum pumps.

Landfill Gas Recovery Blowers & Compressors

The digestion of garbage produces landfill gas. The gas is collected in collection systems, removed from the landfill and compressed by compressors or blowers. The gas can be used as heating fuel, transformed into electricity or used as liquefied gas.



Vacuums for Solar Panel Production

The layers of polymer film and solar cells that comprise solar panels can be fused using vacuum evacuation and handling, all performed with the help of vacuum pumps.

Pond Aeration

When the oxygen content in water needs to be increased, regenerative and liquid ring pumps are up to the task. This process allows fish to grow and multiply more rapidly, increasing the yield of commercial fish farms. Aeration processes are also utilized in marinas to keep ice from forming around boat docks.

Air Sparging Compressors

Air is pressurized by a regenerative blower, dry vane compressor or claw compressor to treat soil contaminated with hydrocarbons or volatile organic compounds. Another name for this application is air stripping.

Blowers for Waste Water Treatment

The waste water is aerated during the secondary treatment phase. Regenerative blowers are commonly used for this application.

Airtech System for Biogas Production

3BA Blower System for Landfill Gas Recovery

  Solar Panels