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Industrial Vacuums for Packing within the Food & Beverage Industry

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Airtech Vacuum Pumps For the Food & Beverage Industry

Airtech technology can help optimize many processes in the food and beverage industry through providing food industry vacuum pumps & beverage industry compressors.

Airtech's liquid ring vacuum pumps can be used for lifting and handling, as well as many packaging processes that help keep food fresh and safe. Here are some examples:

Food Packaging Industrial Vacuums

Exposure to oxygen can cause food to spoil, so in order to keep food fresh, food packaging facilities utilize vacuum pumps for oxygen evacuation and vacuum sealing. Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) can also be employed to help meats and other foods retain their shape and color after packaging.

Beverage Bottling Industrial Vacuums

In bottling operations, residual oxygen must be eliminated from the bottles in order to keep beverages fresh. Liquid ring vacuum pumps can be used to extract oxygen or flush the bottles with CO2 before the liquid is added.

Milking Systems

Regenerative blowers can be used for the milking process itself as well as transporting the milk.

Maple Syrup: Sap Puller Vacuum

Airtech USA provides sap puller vacuum pumps for the creation of maple syrup.

Mineral Water

The Iron in natural spring water can give it an unpleasant taste. In order to remove it, vacuum pumps are first used to extract carbonation and possibly re-introduce it to create a sparkling beverage.


After cleaning, regenerative blowers can be used to gently air-dry vegetables.

Fruit Processing

To prevent fruit from maturing too early, it is kept in cooling chambers with controlled atmospheric conditions.

Salad Dressings and Condiments

Exposure to oxygen can give oils and fats an unpleasant taste and odor.  These oxidation products can be removed by injecting steam and  then extracting it.

Poultry Processing

In weighing and packaging poultry products,  fat and other unwanted material must be removed by vacuum.

Fish Processing

Saltwater, fats, and other materials must be removed to prepare fish and shellfish for sale. Vacuum processes can quickly and efficiently clean seafood and convey waste materials for disposal.

Vacuum Cooling

A vacuum pump is used to lower the pressure inside the cooler. By lowering the pressure water evaporates from products like leafy vegetables and mushrooms. This results in lower surface temperature of the product inside the cooler.


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