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Dental Vacuum Pumps & Compressors for the Medical Industry

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Airtech Dental Chair & Hospital Vacuum Pumps

Airtech's pumps, blowers, and systems are used for myriad purposes in the medical industry, from patient care to pneumatic conveying of medications. Here are a few specific uses for hospital, dental & medical vacuum pumps:

Air Beds

Often supplied for hospital patients that may be at risk for bed sores, air beds are outfitted with separate chambers that can be separately inflated and deflated, which not only prevents sores but can be used to position patients for care.

Central Vacuum Systems

Vacuum Systems are used in  hospitals to draw off liquids during surgery and evacuate waste anesthesia.

Dental Chair Vacuum Pumps

Regenerative blowers and liquid ring vacuum pumps eliminate waste particulate and convey them through a separator.

Steam Sterilization (Autoclaves)

Steam can be used to sterilize medical instruments safely and effectively, requiring less heat and energy usage than dry sterilization techniques. A liquid ring vacuum pump is used to evacuate the air or air/steam mixtures from the chamber.



Respiratory Devices

Regenerative blowers can be utilized in respirators to provide support to patients with chronic pulmonary diseases.

Dental Vacuum
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