Airtech will be on TV

Airtech will be on TV! We'll be announcing details shortly. #TV #Innovation #Airtech

Inside the Blueprint

March 22 (updated) at 430 pm on Fox Business! "Inside the Blueprint" will feature Airtech as a company in the industrial sector built on constant innovation. #Airtech hashtag#innovation hashtag#blowers hashtag#vacuumpumps hashtag#TV



Blowers can be supplied with integrated variable frequency drives to control machine output and speed. This is particularly advantageous in applications with variable operating loads. An integrated process control unit ensures that both the pressure and the volume flow remain constant even under variable load conditions. All machines working with variable frequency drives, feature improved…



INTEGRATED VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVE BLOWERS Variable speed blowers offer many benefits. Reducing speed can extend bearing life, reduce heat output, and reduce power during low demand. Increasing speed allows for more performance with smaller units, matching demand in real time, increased efficiency, and more. Variable frequency drive technology is used to control blower output via…


Looking to test hypersonic missiles?

Looking to test hypersonic missiles? Airtech has designed, developed and deployed vacuum and compressor solutions to create the extreme pressure differentials to test missiles and aircrafts in hypersonic wind tunnels. Contact us, if you are looking for bleeding-edge vacuum systems for your hypersonic wind tunnel or other applications. #hypersonic #hypersonicmissile #hypersonicaircraft #windtunnel #innovation #vacuumsystems #compressors…