Airtech Develops Medical Equipment To Treat COVID19

Airtech Develops Medical Equipment to Treat #COVID19 Respiratory Syndrome. Recent research has shown that Nitric Oxide delivered in metered doses kills or inhibits the replication cycle of the coronavirus (1) (2). Based on its long history of developing solutions for precisely controlling the movement of medical gases, Airtech’s Advanced Custom Engineering team was approached to…


Airtech Provides Blowers For Medical Ventilators

Airtech provides blowers for medical #ventilators. Airtech's small, DC variable-speed blowers are ideal for ventilators being used to assist some COVID-19 patients with breathing. Airtech has a long history and deep expertise of developing and manufacturing medical equipment solutions. These blowers are fully manufactured in our state-of-the are New Jersey production facilities. Due the company's…


Airtech Provides AKBs

Airtech provides AKBs for face mask production: Airtech is supplying the innovative Airtech Kinetic Blower (AKB) to a Fortune 100 manufacturer of respirator masks (medical face masks). These masks are critical in the fight against the coronavirus, and efficient production is essential for increasing supplies to healthcare workers and others. The blower developed with advanced…


Airtech is offering a remanufacturing program

Airtech is offering a remanufacturing program for your rotary vane pumps. This can provide a cost-effective way to replace your units, e.g. in the food industry where there currently is significantly increased demand. #vacuum #vacuumpumps #foodprocessing #foodindustry #foodandbeverage #remanufacturing #refurbished #rotaryvanepumps #airtech


Bloomberg TV and Fox Business TV aired Airtech’s segment

Yesterday, Bloomberg TV and Fox Business TV aired Airtech's segment as part of "Inside the Blueprint's" season premiere. If you missed it, watch it here. Perhaps you'll recognize some faces! #innovation #airtech #blowers #vacuum #bloombergtv #foxbusiness