The claw vacuum pump is a positive displacement pump that involves a rotating motion with two claw-shaped rotors. These rotors turn in different directions and are slightly different shapes. As the claws rotate they do not come into contact but have very low clearances, reducing wear on the casing. As the claw passes through the inlet, a suction force pulls the fluid into the pump. As the rotor makes a revolution inside the casing, the volume of the fluid decreases which creates a compression force at the outlet. When the fluid exits, it is sometimes discharged through a silencer to reduce the noise level. The claw pump is a highly reliable pump and has an increased operational life when compared to others.

The claw vacuum pump is typically used in packaging, printing and wastewater management industries. It can be used as a vacuum or blower depending on where the inlet and outlet are located. In general, they are tough machines that are used in harsh conditions. However, they can be sensitive to high inlet temperatures and the seals can deteriorate under high compression ratios. Due to tight tolerances, particles entering the compression chamber can lead to issues. Claw vacuum pumps are common alternatives for rotary vane pumps because they provide better efficiency.

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