Diaphragm pumps, also known as dry rotary vane pumps, are very compact and lightweight pumps that make them ideal to attach to your existing systems. Many industries, especially those dealing with sensitive work environments such as laboratories or research facilities, turn to diaphragm pumps as their backing pump for their turbopumping stations. With numerous benefits that offer great ease of use and conveniences, it is easy to understand why this pump is a popular choice for many. Find out why these pumps could be the choice for you.

Oil-Free, Clean, Simple And Easy To Use

The perfect alternative to traditional, oil sealed rotary vane pumps, diaphragm pumps are completely oil free. This makes them ideal for all varieties of work situations requiring a clean and dry vacuum. No more needing to change oil regularly, or even needing to touch the machine at all. The pump is able to run on its own for long periods of time without requiring any cleaning or restocking of oil like with the traditional rotary vane pumps. Furthermore, its light weight and portability make it extremely easy to affix onto any type of machine, big or small, and especially for turbopumping stations.

Low Noise Levels For Sensitive Environments

As the dry rotary vane pump is virtually maintenance free, there is no need to constantly change or tinker with the pump, which could sometimes disturb the surrounding elements in a sensitive environment. This makes it ideal for certain industries in which minimal disturbance within the environment is required. Furthermore, the diaphragm pump makes minimal noise with built in particulate filters and silencers for quiet operation, operating at a maximum of 70 dB(A) and with minimal vibration to potentially disturb the surrounding elements.

Long Life Span To Go Further And Perform Better

These diaphragm pumps come with an on-board cooler that serves to keep operational temperatures low, thereby ensuring the pump does not overheat. With this cooler, the service life of the pump increases. The benefit of this is a longer lasting pump, by which companies can have greater reassurance in their equipment without having the worry of constantly needing to check that the equipment is not failing or overheating. This also minimizes the need to replace the equipment as frequently as before, thus saving costs for the company.

Popular Application In Particular Industries

There are certain specific industries in which this diaphragm pump has greatest value. In laboratories, analytics, and the chemical industries, the pump is a popular choice for pumping uncontaminated gases. This vacuum pump also has application in research and development, or even leak detection, making it ideal for multiple uses in various fields.

Range Of Product Selection

Airtech Vacuum highly recommends the ORION series of dry rotary vane pumps. ORION pumps operate at a range of 5.5-150 CFM, and can achieve an end vacuum of 27″Hg and pressure to 14 PSIG. To find out more about the products we have to offer, request a quote from us with more information about your industry and needs, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!