Air compressors are used in agricultural applications due to their ability to increase the efficiency of transport as well as maintenance. They can inflate tractor tires and supply air which is compressed to nail guns or pneumatic staplers. They are also a quick and simple way of cleansing storage areas and barns. Below are some additional reasons why a growing number of farmers use compressed air systems.

Treatment Of Wastewater

Agricultural wastewater can be treated onsite through the usage of blowers which are low pressure and which provide air for the re-aeration of tanks. This process helps aerobic bacteria create enzymes which can then break the waste down.

Providing Reliable Power To Water Pumps

Water pumps may operate with air that is compressed instead of pumps that are electrically driven, which are vulnerable to failure during storms, especially electrical ones.

Compressed Air Makes Painting Easier

Air which is compressed can be used to operate spray guns, which can be applied to painting barns, sheds or outbuildings. Spray guns offer a coat which is much more smooth and even when compared to a paintbrush, and they can get the job done in a fraction of the time.

Hauling Materials

Agricultural projects routinely use compressed air for pneumatic conveying, which is essential for the transport of granules, grains and powders to silos where they can be stored. A vacuum is considered safer when compared to transporting dry goods via a pipeline that enclosed since contamination risk is much lower.

How Does Compressed Air Function?

Air that is compressed is maintained within pressure that is higher than the surrounding atmosphere. It is an essential medium for the movement of energy for various industrial projects. Aside from being used to power tools such as drills, air hammers or wrenches, it may also be applied to atomizing paint, automating air cylinders or even propelling vehicles. The brakes used in many railway trains operate through compressed air and are considered by many conductors to be much more efficient and safe.

Aside from farming, compressed air is also used in underwater diving; where it is provided for breathing, and is usually carried in a cylinder that is high in pressure. Firefighters use it when entering burning buildings that are low in oxygen, along with mine rescue personnel and anyone that operates in an area that has an atmosphere which is hazardous.

Compressed air has become so important that many consider it an essential utility, with the others being natural gas, electricity and water. The most popular compressors are those which are two stage, that will typically be assembled on top of a tank that is horizontal and accompanied by a JT (Joule Thompson) refrigerated air dryer. However, it is crucial that compression devices be properly maintained. For instance, compressor rooms should be constructed with a ventilation system that allows the waste heat created by the compressor to be removed.