3AV Single Stage Liquid Ring Close-Coupled Vacuum Pumps have become the industry standard for any project that requires operation which is quiet and ongoing. They provide a design which is compact, along with much lower power consumption than other models. The discharge port is both variable and single stage, which means that its performance will be highly efficient. Its impeller uses spinning blades which are curved, which lowers the tip speed which results in the pump having greater longevity.

An Overview Of Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Most liquid ring vacuum pumps utilize a seal liquid flow which is continuous. Once the liquid is inside the pump a seal will be created between the casing and impeller. The impeller will usually be offset on top of the casing’s center and while the impeller circulates pumping action will occur within the space which exists between the pump and impeller, filling and then emptying in a manner which is akin to a compressor that reciprocates.

Discharge ports along with gas inlets will be positioned in a way where they draw gas inside the cavity of the liquid ring during the expansion, and will discharge the gas as well as liquid during compression. The liquid which is discharged will be recovered and then re-circulated through the gas liquid type separator. Water is usually the preferred liquid seal, but sometimes is not suitable depending on the application. Alternatives include solvents, oil and glycol. These pumps can also differ in the type of sealant mechanism they utilize. The three most popular is recovery that is partial sealant, no sealant or full sealant. Each has its strengths and weaknesses.

3AV Characteristics

Aside from being more compact when compared to traditional liquid ring pumps, with the 3AV you don’t have to deal with couplings or belts. This means that issues such as wear or problems with belts and alignment won’t be a problem. The 3AV also has a housing which is made from cast iron, as well as a flap valve and impeller which is comprised of stainless steel. This makes it incredibly durable and resistant to rust. Buyers also have the option of using other construction materials, and overall, the 3AV is geared towards heavy duty projects out of the box.

Another thing to note about this liquid ring pump is that it is manufactured in such a way where it meets the stringent ISO-9001 Standards. This means those that employ it can do so with peace of mind, and it also comes with a seal arrangement which is mechanical and single face. Its exceptional quality combined with the many sizes it comes in means that it encompasses a host of different delivery volumes and can be used in multiple industrial applications. Unlike other pumps, it doesn’t have dead space and as such operates which much great efficiency and less noise.