Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

Rotary Vane vacuum pumps are positive displacement pumps that have a single rotating rotor. The rotor is located eccentrically from the housing which creates a larger gap on one side, known as the pumping chamber. Vanes are attached to the rotor and stick out which aid in transferring the fluid. Because of the larger gap on one side, the vanes need to be adjustable to accommodate different lengths. As the rotor spins, some vanes will need to be retracted either inwards or outwards in order to create a seal. Therefore, many rotary pumps utilize a spring in order for the vanes to make contact with the inner side of the casing. Each rotation of the rotor captures the same amount of fluid and transports it from the inlet to the exhaust. These pumps can either be dry or oil-based. Dry pumps do not require oil and are almost maintenance-free.

Rotary vane pumps are very versatile and used for many different applications including high, medium and low pressures. They are widely used in the automobile field to move fluids and air in systems used for vehicles. Examples include supercharging an engine, power steering and air conditioning. Similarly, the aviation industry also depends on rotary pumps where controlling the amount of liquid is important. Additionally, rotary pumps can also be used as a vacuum providing suction for applications such as coffee and soft drink machines in order to dispense the liquids.

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